Learn, improve, perform and compete with our new Rou-teams program. Make a New Year Resolution to swing out with us next year! 

Get Started with this 2 min Questionnaire


What’s a Rou-team? It’s a team, built around a single routine instead of a life long commitment! The goal will be to perform at our performance ball in the end of summer and maybe even compete at camp hollywood!

What will we learn? You will learn a full routine choreographed by Dax and Sarah that will be performed as a group with formations. What steps you learn will depend on what Rou-team you decide to join. We have several to choose from for all levels and swing dance styles.

How does the program work? Each Rou-team meets for one official class per week. There will video reviews made, additional open practice sessions, as well as discounted private coaching to work on the routine. Our primary goal is to perform at our performance ball. If enough feel ready, we want to compete at Camp Hollywood in the team division.

What is the time frame? We start Routeams between Feb and April of every year and run until Camp Hollywood in the first weekend of Sept. You will have plenty of time to learn the choreography as well as make up for any missed classes. There will be a performance at this point. After the semi-annual showcase, those who want more of a challenge can keep going in preparation for Camp Hollywood Dance Competition held in September.

Do I have to perform? No, you don’t have to perform if you are not comfortable doing so. However, performing makes for a great goal and deadline. It also is nice to have video to look back on and is a good time to invite friends to watch you dance. In the end, it is totally up to you and your partner.

Do I have to compete at Camp Hollywood? No. Actually, depending on the numbers we will only have room to take the best 6 couples per Rou-team to camp hollywood. This will be a higher level goal to work towards to the most dedicated students. All the Rou-team’s will have the opportunity to compete.

Do I need a partner? Yes, unless it you join the a solo jazz Rou-team. All of the work will be done with a partner, though we will be working in groups as well to help with learning and keeping things fun and social.

Can you help me find a partner? YES! If you don’t have a partner, let us know on the questionnaire above. We can add you to our Rou-team Partner Search Facebook group.

When do we meet? Teams will meet one hour a week for class and there will be open practice times where you can come and train. Classes will be on either Tuesday or Wednesday night.

What if I miss a class? Not a problem, though its not really recommended. There are many ways to make up material. We will have comprehensive review videos, open practice, private sessions, and review weeks.

What Routines can I choose from?

  •  (Beg) Tap Dance Routine
  • (Beg/Int & Up) Lindy Hop – Medium Tempo
  • (Beg/Int & Up) Solo Jazz Routine
  • (Int/Adv and Up) Lindy Hop & Charleston – Fast Tempo/No Lifts
  • (Int & Up) Balboa Routine
  • (Int and Up) Shag Routine
  • (Adv) Solo Jazz Routine
  • (Adv) Lindy Hop & Charleston

Can I join more than one RouTeam? Yes, you can do as many as you have time for.

Is there a discount for joining multiple Routeams? Yes, you will get 20% of the second Rou-Team fee.

How much will it cost? Each Rou-team will cost anywhere from $100/month per person for non members and will be billed in 2 month increments so you only need to commit 2 months at a time. This will include 1 class/week, access to studio open practice hours, 25% off private sessions to work on the routine, and video recap videos for all choreography. Members recieve discounts depending on their membership tier.

Got more Questions? Send us an email at

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